VAI in Vancouver JUNE 2 2015 – MASTER CLASS $125

Steve VAI returns to Vancouver in a few weeks (JUNE 2) for a master class through Long & McQuade and Vancouver Tech School’s auditorium. A formal, thorough and interactive meeting is guaranteed between the attendees, and Steve.

STEVE VAI has made many appearances in Vancouver;
dates mostly at the epic Granville Street Commodore Ballroom since 1993, 1997, 2005, 2007 (Venue- Plaza of Nations) and 2012.
The Commodore is a great venue for Steve’s single note vibrato to put you in a trance… Ibanez makes the JEM EVO for STEVE VAI, beginning in the range of $1,200- $1,500, really quite an awesome deal, considering their performance prowess!


Tuesday, June 2 | 6:30-9:30pm
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
2600 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Tickets: $125 (available for purchase at all lower mainland Long & McQuade locations)

RUSH R40 has started!

R40 Opener5dryersR40 Opener6
HOLY FRKNG CANOLI: RUSH has cleanly outdone themselves with classic on-stage amplfication and bass-i-fication…then…they DARE to pull put the DOUBLE NECKS for Xanadu? I don’t need no pill….just this! WOWFFWWOWWOWWOWWWWFFWW

RUSH’s R40 BlastOut Tour has begun!
R40 Opener
The excitement, enthusiasm and raw appetites of RUSH fans is officially enjoying RUSH’s last major tour, right about now.
R40 Opener2
Fans have already been posting their photos inside the BOK Bank of Oklahoma Center as they take their seats, and clearly, there is a HUGE vibe semi-spamming among these sites:
RUSHISABAND, THE RUSH FORUM, and a twitter account are all following this inaugural evening; one that sadly, could be called the beginning of the end; of the most successful rock trio ever, RUSH.

Thanks to the multitudes of fans for the pics and updates posted here, this is easily the most exciting and emotional RUSH tour.
Ever. [Grabs handkerchief].

Some may wonder if there are (m)any fans who are older than RUSH themselves, but that is just to posit…any age, any decade, any Century…Moon Records has brought us the most undeniable virtuous group of musicians who remain(ed) true to themselves, their roots, their fans, their own heroes, their goals and endeavours. RUSH is in a class of their own, downward dog.
R40 Opener1

GOODY BAGS! Scooby Snacks! Love it!

GOODY BAGS! Scooby Snacks! Love it!

R40 Opener4

Mount Everest: The last Hillary Step to the Summit

Ma! Look! One hand! Ma! Look! No haannndssss….

Closer to the MOON!

Let us not go gently…

Duhhh…George…? Which wayz da horizon? I’m scared George….

The world’s tallest slab of earth; metamorphic and sedimentary, sits at Minus 11 Degrees WSW.

Next Rest Stop? BACK DOWN THERE!

Trust those ropes much? Don’t cross the line…

It is beyond amazing and barely humanly possible that man can ascend the Earth by foot almost halfway to space.
Here are plenty of public images showing the dare, commitment and risk, the penultimate perils of summitting Earth’s highest standpoint:

Excuse me, pardon me…excuse me…HEY! Watch it buddy! I said Heeee—–yyyyyyy

Which step is NOT frightening?!?!?!

Are we there yet? Which way to the restroom? Down there you sayyyy….

Smart phone ringin right about now…DO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE AT ALL, WITH EITHER HAND.

Head-collision count: At least 48 Oxys.

This moment… was NOT quite the one we all strived for…Just look straight ahead of you…toes…nose…peak…do NOT peek left or right- that glance will grab you…

I said sideways THEN down, dammit!


Was Doug Baldwin the only Seahawk to drop it while it’s hot?
Did Wilson just become the first QB to throw a SuperBowl winning interception???



new r40 kitR40 Tour NP Drumset

WWE Total DIVAs 2014-2015

This Xmas week/weekend, Boarderama fell sucker to the REALITY-TV Seasons of E! WWE Total Divas.
Not a usual fall guy to the whole reality tv shtick, @Boarderama is now officially following WWE’s Total Divas

Insane Kite Surfing

Maui & Sons

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More surf in Japan





The TED talks video says it all; Casper slides to nose manual, double kickflip off a step up bank, ollie to ledge nose manual to darkslide, half-cab nose grind to casper flip out…just do some permutations, right?
Primo ollies, kickflip to one footed nose manual, impossible nose grind down a rail…

Save up to 50% off etnies shoes, tees and more

Graduation Rings 2014

When it comes to our kids’ graduations, celebrations and performance advancements, they deserve gifts of honor and appreciation.
These gifts of acknowledgment and praise, the salutations which parents and our kin applaud much more than most Hollywood glitzed cinematics.

The cool thing is, is that as our kids mature and advance into the world, they can take advantage of knowing the once popular, but ever-supporting avenue and spot to find rings and other mementos, which commemorate their experiences, successes and familial connections.

This is where senior class rings are of solid value for granting the tokens of which these kids are due.