Black Hole digests a Massive Star

Supermassive black holes exist on the edge of most galaxies: a million times as big as our sun- big enough to easily eat up a star. Incredible! [NASA]

Danny Way’s World Record Highest Air

Wow. Crazy. Just when we thought Shaun White has amped to 11, Danny Way breaks his former World Record Backside Air of 23.5 feet with the new record: an amplitude/altitude of 25.5 Feet on his new quarter pipe.
Check it out:

(Courtesy: Thrasher Magazine)

Sounds of Hawaii

For traditional and cultural folk music enthusiasts, one relaxing instrument to play or listen to is a ukulele musicians friend.

The warm and hollow acoustics of this instrument conjure the same imagery of warm and hollow surf, palm trees swaying in the breeze and a mellow, slow pace.
Fortunately, playing a ukulele is much easier than playing a 6-string guitar and it is common to tune this little guitar to alternate keys or registers.

The spacing between the strings and the action on the fretboard each provide a relaxed way to play; low pressure.
The strings themselves are often a softer wound gauge, so even if your fingers are not too strong or nimble, this is an instrument almost anyone can play.

There are ukulele groups and classes where enthusiasts gather to play songs together and as long as everyone is in tune with each other, the peaceful sounds of a strumming ensemble can take you right back to native Hawaii.

2015 Vans Invitational @ Hastings Bowl Vancouver (avec Nostalgia)

DSC_0008Vans Skateboarding brought and delivered an amazing, historic event to Van(s)couver on Saturday July 11, 2015. This event resurrected and yet fortifies Vancouver’s Historic Skateboarding scene in several manners.

Boarderama met a colorful and chronological cross-section of the history and construct of what makes this event, the Bowl and its riders so special to skateboarding, VANS and Vancouver all.

11:30 am July 11, 2015:
Met Vans Team, staff and Vendors, everyone checking in as a few rain drops drizzle down…

12 Noon: Welcome Renee Renee (nee Jason Bothe)

All smiles!

All smiles!

Boarderama: Renee! Jason! Hey hey!??!!
Howsit? Love the threads man!

RR: Good man, thanks- what’s happening, how’ve you been?

Boarderama: Great thanks, it’s been a a decade I think! I hear you’re living back in Vancouver now?!

RR: Yes, I am consulting etc for the BCMEO, I moved back to town, for the kids, you know? Man it’s more expensive here than Hollywood though…

Boarderama: Ok- legit, for sure. So, hey- random quiz, nostalgia-memory test:
WHO was photographing Chalmers gapping the 1999 New West park from the cabin-roof of that Park’s ‘hut’?

RR: Me! I don’t know where the footage is but, ya- that was me! How did you know…How do you remember this?

Boarderama: I was there every day skating New West in 1999/2000…I shared lines with you and Alex, we were all bustin airs over the quarter-pyramid…

Boom- It’s a clearing weather day, and Steve Van Doren is clearly optimistic that the Event will go!
SVD Steve VanDoren stokes the event.[/caption]

Next…Boarderama encounters other Vancouver Locals:
Rob [Sluggo] Boyce:

Boarderama: Rob, Hi, umm- do you recall the first time you ever went snowboarding at Whistler/Blackcomb, namely Blackcomb in 1991? Like on 7th Heaven with Rob Wolk (and me) from Vertical Addiction?

Sluggo: “Well, ya, I guess I do, wow. It was a great powder day, an awesome memory.

Boarderama: “Right…so, Rob…throwing it out there…but, Rob told me to ‘Harry, step it back/off’ to let you (Sluggo) rip the day, since (Wolk) announced to me that at the time, you were bursting on World Industries…that I should step my ‘shred’ back for that day, which I did. So…. Rob– Do you remember the FACT that I/we rode with you on that day and on your fourth or fifth FS 7th Heaven Hit, you began busting FS 540s on the fly???!!! We’re like whaaa!!????

Sluggo: “Wow, I guess that’s true, I remember now. That’s pretty cool that you know this…I guess that’s true history…Thanks for the memory, man!”


VANS Pro International (Invitational) Bowl Riders Series returns to Vancouver July 10 & 11, 2015 – @ClassicHastingsBowl #FREE

Vancouver BC, Canada, is confirmed to bring back a vibrant and eclectic roster of Professional Bowles Skaters for the 2nd Annual Van Doren Invitational (Vancouver) session. A massive purse of $75,000 is up for grabs as these bowl riders will stamp forward from the familiarity of 2014’s stunning and groundbreaking event.

As of July 2, 2015, VANS has confirmed the following riders to compete:

ADAM HOPKINS (tall socks and methods)

ALEX SORGENTE (consistency)

BEN HATCHELL (lots of grinds)

BRAD MCCLAIN (featherly footwork)

CHARLIE BLAIR (Junior Mastery!)

CHRIS RUSSELL (Consistency!)

CORY JUNEAU (Good combos)

CURREN CAPLES (Grasser-Veteran, FS Flip Master, Blunt your nose…)

DANIEL VARGAS (Beyond up and coming by now)

JAKE REUTER (Deserving invitee!)

JAMES CLARKE (Frontside Kid! FS James!) As a kid, James has owned Hastings since at least 2002…

JOSH BORDEN (Regular threat to any competitor.)

KEVIN KOWALSKI (Kowalski is your Skater’s skater; Omar, Childress, Krahn etc all love this ripper! BURNSIDE FTW!)

OSCAR NAVARRO (Oscar lands 93.39% of ever hit. Watch.)

PATRICK RYAN (Patrick has a great chance to bust out here in Vancouver!)

PEDRO BARROS (Pedro. Pedro. Pedro. How HIGH will he go at this event? McTwists, Body Jars, Methods…likely to burst the Canopy…)

RILEY BOLAND (Wonderful opportunity for Riley to snag a position here…stay focused!)

RILEY STEVENS (More air and maybe complex lip-tricks could help RS place atop this event!)

ROBBIE RUSSO (Robbie is growing. Every week. Watch out for his flick.)

SAM LIND (Sam can step up his game at this event– if he continues to go FULL SPEED AHEAD!)

SKY SILJEG (A new addition, Sky has a subtle and quiet style that can bust out HUGE at any moment. Sky is not to be underestimated.)

TRISTAN RENNIE (Tristan is a bit of off the chart. That might be why the charts do not matter when Tristan hammers down his enders.)

ZACH MILLER (Zach is a deserving invitee. Expect flowing and bursting lines at Hastings, or any bowl/park.)

BRANDON PERELSON (Brandon is accumulating accolades and flow. Props.)

DALTON DERN (More to be discovered daily, ‘Mini-Reynolds’ holds his own 540-ing any ramp and yet busts sick Fs/Bs Blunts, nose or tail, a la rail.

MASON MERLINO (Anothe PNW PDX Kid, Mason has the skills, steez and a threatening repertoire. Wild Card!)

VAI in Vancouver JUNE 2 2015 – MASTER CLASS $125

Steve VAI returns to Vancouver in a few weeks (JUNE 2) for a master class through Long & McQuade and Vancouver Tech School’s auditorium. A formal, thorough and interactive meeting is guaranteed between the attendees, and Steve.

STEVE VAI has made many appearances in Vancouver;
dates mostly at the epic Granville Street Commodore Ballroom since 1993, 1997, 2005, 2007 (Venue- Plaza of Nations) and 2012.
The Commodore is a great venue for Steve’s single note vibrato to put you in a trance… Ibanez makes the JEM EVO for STEVE VAI, beginning in the range of $1,200- $1,500, really quite an awesome deal, considering their performance prowess!


Tuesday, June 2 | 6:30-9:30pm
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
2600 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Tickets: $125 (available for purchase at all lower mainland Long & McQuade locations)

RUSH R40 has started!

R40 Opener5dryersR40 Opener6
HOLY FRKNG CANOLI: RUSH has cleanly outdone themselves with classic on-stage amplfication and bass-i-fication…then…they DARE to pull put the DOUBLE NECKS for Xanadu? I don’t need no pill….just this! WOWFFWWOWWOWWOWWWWFFWW

RUSH’s R40 BlastOut Tour has begun!
R40 Opener
The excitement, enthusiasm and raw appetites of RUSH fans is officially enjoying RUSH’s last major tour, right about now.
R40 Opener2
Fans have already been posting their photos inside the BOK Bank of Oklahoma Center as they take their seats, and clearly, there is a HUGE vibe semi-spamming among these sites:
RUSHISABAND, THE RUSH FORUM, and a twitter account are all following this inaugural evening; one that sadly, could be called the beginning of the end; of the most successful rock trio ever, RUSH.

Thanks to the multitudes of fans for the pics and updates posted here, this is easily the most exciting and emotional RUSH tour.
Ever. [Grabs handkerchief].

Some may wonder if there are (m)any fans who are older than RUSH themselves, but that is just to posit…any age, any decade, any Century…Moon Records has brought us the most undeniable virtuous group of musicians who remain(ed) true to themselves, their roots, their fans, their own heroes, their goals and endeavours. RUSH is in a class of their own, downward dog.
R40 Opener1

GOODY BAGS! Scooby Snacks! Love it!

GOODY BAGS! Scooby Snacks! Love it!

R40 Opener4

Mount Everest: The last Hillary Step to the Summit

Ma! Look! One hand! Ma! Look! No haannndssss….

Closer to the MOON!

Let us not go gently…

Duhhh…George…? Which wayz da horizon? I’m scared George….

The world’s tallest slab of earth; metamorphic and sedimentary, sits at Minus 11 Degrees WSW.

Next Rest Stop? BACK DOWN THERE!

Trust those ropes much? Don’t cross the line…

It is beyond amazing and barely humanly possible that man can ascend the Earth by foot almost halfway to space.
Here are plenty of public images showing the dare, commitment and risk, the penultimate perils of summitting Earth’s highest standpoint:

Excuse me, pardon me…excuse me…HEY! Watch it buddy! I said Heeee—–yyyyyyy

Which step is NOT frightening?!?!?!

Are we there yet? Which way to the restroom? Down there you sayyyy….

Smart phone ringin right about now…DO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE AT ALL, WITH EITHER HAND.

Head-collision count: At least 48 Oxys.

This moment… was NOT quite the one we all strived for…Just look straight ahead of you…toes…nose…peak…do NOT peek left or right- that glance will grab you…

I said sideways THEN down, dammit!


Was Doug Baldwin the only Seahawk to drop it while it’s hot?
Did Wilson just become the first QB to throw a SuperBowl winning interception???



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